SC2 Tips Has Been Approved for the App Store!

SC2 Tips contains a collection of the best tips known to the StarCraft® II community.

All 80 tips have been verified for accuracy with in game screenshots to show proper execution.

The tips are categorized into General, Protoss, Terran, and Zerg tips for intuitive and easy navigation.

Here’s a quick summary of what SC2 Tips offers:

– add any tip to your Favorites tab for faster retrieval
– email any tip to a friend
– swipe back and forth to go between tips
– double tap or shake for a random tip
– single tap to bring up a toolbar for app interactions

Knowledge gained from this app will take your game to the next level as you battle friends and foes on®. We’ll update this app frequently so you’ll always be armed with the latest knowledge. You’re also welcome to email us ( with your tips or suggestions on improving SC2 Tips.

So what are are you waiting for? Give yourself that extra edge and download SC2 Tips today!

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One Response to SC2 Tips Has Been Approved for the App Store!

  1. nan731 says:

    This looks so cool! I bet it’s gonna be awesome!

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